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Delicious coffee. Ridiculously good food.

Brewing coffee isn’t just about what you sip. It’s an ever-evolving process that many have failed to perfect. The key is knowing where it all starts and understanding where it comes from. Our coffee is globally sourced from nutrient-rich lands cultivated by those who have mastered the growing process. These regions — made up of a perfect blend of rain, sunshine and healthy soil — are the only places to find such delicious perfection.

Focusing on local

Our shared local kitchen is home to Bicycle Pizza, Samosa Box, Sidney Scones, Vancouver Island Cookie Co and more.  With a focus on the community and promoting local food businesses, we've created an amazing new space for locals offering delicious products made on the island.

Making Coffee

Drumroaster Coffee

Cobble Hill, BC

Bicycle Pizza.jpg

Bicycle Pizza

Brentwood Bay, BC

Yonni's Doughnuts

Victoria, BC


Fox & Monocle

Saanich Peninsula, BC


The Bikery

Victoria, BC


Vancouver Island Cookie Co.

Brentwood Bay, BC

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